WBC Architects is an architectural firm that has been practicing for for many years now. We provide complete architectural services including, architectural and facility programming, architectural design, construction drawings and specifications, space planning, existing facilities surveys, adaptive re-use of existing buildings, building restoration, master planning / land use planning, budget control and cost estimating, project development scheduling and monitoring, bidding / negotiations assistance and evaluation, project management and interior design.

In our modest beginnings as an architectural firm, we have always strives to achieve and maintain a principled reputation with the help of our Almighty God and with our support system like our staffs, our families, and our exceptional professional consultants. We can say that we are gradually developing into a firm that enjoys an increasing number of clients that addresses positive feedbacks to us.

We vow to preserve professional dignity and will not accept equity participation nor will it enter financial involvement in business ventures that may cause disadvantage to its clientele. However, it may provide management and technical services whenever called upon to do so with compensation. We are devoted in inspiring solutions to our designs and most importantly giving our clients a key post of being a piece of the design team and process that would greatly satisfy the clients concerns in detail function, and within the clients budget range.

WBC Architects have already accomplished various projects in commercial, institutional, and residential building types including: offices and restaurants, subdivisions and schools, church, as well as, mixed-use development both in the government and private sectors.